Recruitment Support.

CV Review & Interview Coaching

Your CV serves as a crucial gateway to your future career, making it a significant document in your professional journey. Our specialized career coach, equipped with vast knowledge and experience in the medical and healthcare sector, is dedicated to helping you craft an exceptional medical CV.

CV Review Service

for Medical & Healthcare Professionals

You only have one chance to make an impact on the employer – this is your opportunity! Learn how to create a winning CV through gaining expert advice. Our CV writing service is tailored precisely to your targeted job, ensuring a seamless alignment with the desired role. Our guidance will teach you how to prioritize and present each section of your CV to match the specific requirements of the job.

It will help you to understand the layout and the structure to apply with the following key sections:

1. Personal profile, highlighting your clinical skills, unique attributes and achievements

2. Current employment and career history

3. Education and qualifications

4. Awards showcasing your accolades and credentials

5. Clinical experience and expertise, demonstrating your skills and accomplishments in your field

6. Management & leadership experience, illustrating your capacity to lead and oversee teams (if applying for a management role)

7. Teaching, research and publications, emphasising your contributions to academia

8. Clinical governance, audits and quality improvement to demonstrate your commitment to providing excellent standards

9. Courses, meetings and conferences

10. Clear references

Embark on the path to success with a compelling CV tailored for your medical and healthcare aspirations.

All of the above services include a Medical CV template and a list of Action Verbs to help you write powerful statements.

Trust our expertise to ensure you get shortlisted for an NHS interview

Interview Coaching

Maximise your interview prospects and allow this singular opportunity to gain your ideal job in the NHS.

Acquire effective interview strategies from an industry professional to arm yourself with the necessary know-how for success. The coaching session encompasses the following key areas:


1. Learn how to provide relaxed, confident and customized responses that genuinely represent you

2. Conquer interview anxiety, self-doubt, and foster self-assurance

3. Hone your articulation, body language, voice clarity and expressiveness to make every response impactful

Understand typical questions and how to sell yourself

1. Specifically tailor your responses for the interview, demonstrating your suitability for the role

2. Effectively summarise your professional history and express your enthusiasm for the position

3. Construct high-quality, memorable answers to questions about your interpersonal and communication skills, teamwork, management and leadership, dealing with conflict, strengths and weaknesses

4. Learn how to approach scenario-based questions with confidence demonstrating your clinical skills and decision-making abilities

5. Apply your skills and experience to questions about your potential contribution to the Trust and department including clinical governance, audits, teaching, research, training & professional development

6. Learn how to formulate well-organized, thoughtful responses to competency-based, example questions by demonstrating Situation/Task/Action/Result/Reflection (STARR)

7. Understand how to evidence the way in which you meet the values of the Trust

8. Provide educated responses on NHS current affairs and awareness of the UK health system.

Trust our expertise to lead you towards a promising future in the NHS